Tadanori Yokoo

IDEA Magazine

Japanese graphic design magazine IDEA issue 238 features Tadanori Yokoo. 

Also features:
The 2nd International Poster Biennial in MEXICO with The Collection “America Today, 500 Years Later” Shigeo Fukuda
New Asian Design from Hong Kong, Kan Tai-keung Masuteru Aoba
Illustrator, David Grove
Recent Works by Makoto Nakamura Kazumasa Nagai
3D Object Sign for Parking Area Facilities
The Design Works of Furura / SMS
The 4th Design Competition in Kagoshima Takeo Yao
Imaginary World “Beyond the Dimension” Baku Saito Shinichiro Tora
The Calendar: International Sign Graphics Shinichiro Tora
Graphic Designer, Walter Bohatsch Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Harmonist of Design, Robert Maude Paul Peter Piech

117 Pages
Issue 238
29cm x 22.5cm
Excellent Condition

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