Boys Don’t Cry

Frank Ocean

Boys Don’t Cry (released Aug 2016) - a limited-edition glossy, 360-page companion piece featuring contributions from the likes of Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator.

Throughout, Boys Don’t Cry is littered with typical Frank Ocean signifiers including philosophical meanderings (“How far away is a light year?”) and photos of cars — lots and lots and lots of photos of cars. Further visual contributions come from Dutch art photographer Viviane Sassen, illustrator Daniel David Freeman, and the legendary Wolfgang Tillmans. The book’s content moves between high fashion extremities and raw, intimate moments. One second, you’re looking at an abstract fashion shoot of Ocean submerged in water; the next, you’re reading his browser history. Ocean’s hand in creating every page is clear: it’s totally full of cars, includes chats with his friends and relatives, and often reads like a typo-splattered Tumblr feed. Somehow, it feels truly DIY at the same time as it feels expensive and high-end (with three different paper stocks used throughout).

360 pages
Minor Wear On Cover
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