Tomb Index (Signed) 

David Rudnick

The Tomb Index is a 248 page hardcover book printed in a unique 6 colour process - Terrain6 - that was invented specifically for its publication. It contains detailed, large-format impressions of each of the 177 Tombs of the Tomb Series, plus guides to each of the 8 Houses, their unique features and mechanics, plus additional texts, appendices and details.

The Index is published as a first and final edition of 3000, and every Index ships with a unique code allowing the buyer to claim an Index Marker, the on-chain governance token of the Tomb Series, which gives access to the features of the unique Recovery mechanic of the series.

Tomb Index was designed in terrain by David Rudnick, Emiel Penninckx and Maharani Yasmine Putri. It is the first publication of David Rudnick’s work, and includes introductory texts by Rudnick and three texts by Christopher S. Wood selected from Forgery, Replica, Fiction [2008].

We have limited signed copies from our Toronto event with David Rudnick.

23.5cm x 35cm
7mm rounded corner

248 pages, Gardamatt Art 200 g/m²
746 illustrations, printed in Terrain6, custom colourspace developed by terrain, unique to the Tomb Index
Edge-gilding in single colour Pantone [Black], outer edges finished black
Hardcover sewn binding, cloth-wrapped spine with cloth label.
Endpapers unprinted on paper Sirio Color Black 210 g/m2
Cover front/back/spine on board Ecoblack 2 mm
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