Teenage Kissers

Ed Templeton
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Never before in history have we lived in a society where the personal documentation of people's private lives has been so public. However, when Ed Templeton began capturing youthful passion and shameless displays of affection this was not the case at all. Internet was only in its infancy and photography of this nature was restricted to few practitioners. For that reason alone, Teenage Kissers should be viewed as a historical volume.

Ed Templeton found himself naturally drawn to these very private moments that were taking place in a public forum. From a voyeuristic perspective, he photographed young lovers who were consumed by each other and completely unconcerned about their surrounding audience. These photographs serve as a reminder of that wonderful uncomfortability that comes with the discovery of young sexuality.

84 Pages
Book - 17.8cm x 21.5 cm
Poster - 56cm x 56cm
2011 - Edition of 1000
Signed Poster & Book
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