Undercover Scab

Relax Magazine

In 2002, Undercover made their debut in Paris Fashion Week and asked Yoshie Tominaga to shoot some photos for the invitation card of their Spring/Summer 2003 collection 'SCAB'. Driven by a desire to also shoot documentary-style for the debut fashion show, Tominaga eventually suggested the idea to Japanese magazine 'Relax'. Her request was accepted and she was given the chance to go to Paris for a coverage tour.

The photos featured are some of those taken by Tominaga during this occasion. In 'Relax' No. 70 (December 2002), part of her work was published with words of her experience alongside a lengthy interview with Jun Takahashi by Skate Thing. The insightful interview takes the form of a conversation where Jun reveals many secrets about the collection. He notably discusses the challenges he had to face, the fashion industry, crust punk, the show, and the subsequent reactions.

Relax is a Japanese magazine publication which ran from 1996-2006, available exclusively in Japan. At the time, it was the leading destination for mens culture and fashion.
Issue 70
Excellent Condition

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