Carsten Höller

In an effort to implicate a wider public in the experience and production of art, Carsten Höller employs strategies of direct involvement that help to abolish the barrier between the work of art and the spectator. Sculptures and installations designed for the Fondazione Prada exhibition in 2000, insisted on visitor interaction, and the act is reciprocated: the works change progressively through intermittent lights that transmit vibrations to the visitor’s body. A hallucinatory subversion of private sensation results, in accord with Höller’s aspiration to sabotage the complacencies of everyday life. Complete with a biography and bibliography, this catalogue is the most exhaustive documentation of Höller’s challenging work to date. Among the most interesting artists on the international scene, beginning in the 1990s Carsten Höller helped bring artistic production closer to reality, stirring up unusual and surprising reactions in those who view his artworks.
First Edition
24cm x 15cm
Excellent Condition

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