Poetics Project

Tony Oursler, Mike Kelley

Exhibition catalogue / artists' book published in conjunction with show held November 23, 1997 - March 29, 1998. Includes installation images of the exhibition as installed at Documenta X, June 21 - September 28, 1997. "The ongoing 'Poetics Project' serves up a rich mix of visual and aural experiences, while inviting viewers to question the reliability of the shows as history.

Artist Mike Kelley says, 'If you don't create your own history, someone else will." Kelley and Tony Oursler's the 'Poetics Project 1977-1997' is a retrospective work that draws from their collaborative efforts in painting, video, sculpture, drawing and music. Although the ostensible subject of this project is Kelley and Oursler's early experiences as performers in a loose-knit musical group called the Poetics, its broader concerns are the processes by which history is constructed, and the reciprocal relationship between the fine arts and popular culture. The conflation of past and present in the 'Poetics Project' makes it difficult at first for the viewer to penetrate the work. Video installations and taped interviews with visual artists, rock musicians and critics are intermingled with paintings, sculptures and stacks of drawings. A precise checklist and diagram prepared by Kelley and Oursler methodically pinpoint the authorship of each work, while serving as a serf-guided tour and critical record of the project.

Cardboard covers, offset printed and staple bound inside.

82 Pages
12.5cm x 14cm
Excellent Condition

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