The Doors of Light

Patti Smith

15 years in the life of the New York punk icon Patti Smith

“Patti Smith: The Doors of Light” began in 2001, when Japanese photographer Yoshie Tominaga took his first photographs of New York musician Patti Smith. Through various visits—Smith performing in Japan or Tominaga visiting the USA—their photographer-subject relationship continued and grew closer over the years.

This publication includes photographs taken between 2001 and 2016 as well as excerpts from Tominaga’s and Smith’s correspondence with each other, e.g. heartfelt messages after the earthquake in March 2011, tidbits about exhibitions and sold artworks. Through Tominaga’s passionate photography and Smith’s unpretentious personality, the book allows its readers a behind-the-scenes look at Smith’s life on tour and her life in more private moments.

All texts included in Japanese and English. 

20cm x 25cm
Excellent Condition

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