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Maurice Renoma
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Stylist, designer, photographer, and decorator: Maurice Renoma is celebrated in this 50th-anniversary retrospective of a multifaceted career. As a fashion designer, Renoma (b. 1940) was a pioneer of France’s own pop style, known as yé-yé. He revolutionized 1960s fashion and went on to revolutionize photography. His suits and blazers bore the unmistakable mark of a man who broke old-school fashion rules and shattered all the stereotypes. He is a man who defined his own creative universe, modographie (fashion + photography), at the crossroads between fashion and photography. He retouches, composes, and plays with his images until they are completely unreal creations―and completely intriguing.
This book evokes the world of Renoma and the per­sonalities with whom he has surrounded himself. An icon of Parisian high society, he has mixed with, dressed, and photographed French stars such as Serge Gainsbourg and Catherine Deneuve, and everyone who is anyone shops at his famous boutique. In this book, Renoma’s creations and influences, as well as his thoroughly original work, are explored and pictured.

240 pages
Excellent Condition
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