Idea vs The Designers Republic (Complete)


This a fascinating publication with over 200 pages of work from Sheffield-based and internationally renowned studio The Designers Republic, reproduced with an array of papers and techniques including UV varnish, fold out, metallic and neon specials. The book, released as a limited edition of 3000, features a plastic-coated cover blind embossed with "Buy Me" and this slips into a corrugated card sleeve screen printed with white. Although not designed by TDR, IDEA went to great lengths to accurately bring to life the work of the studio. When TDR received copies, they recognised that it was clearly a labour of love! This book is remarkable document, and a fitting archive of ten projects, including work on Wipeout and Gatecrasher. This copy is in great condition. There's slight wear to the sleeve due to its material composition and the white screen print.
200 Pages
Excellent Condition

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