The Designers Republic

Idea Magazine

Japanese graphic design magazine IDEA issue 278 features The Designers Republic. This issue would later become the basis for the cult book: IDEA vs The Designer’s Repeblic (Complete).

Special Feature: IDEA vs The Designers Republic -40 pages original design works and layout by DR, GTF -Graphic Thought Facility, Mevis & Van Deursen, ABC in Pittsburgh: Fumio Tachibana, Me Company: BPM the Game Graphics, Nendo Graphixxx 1995-1999, Gianluigi Toccafondo -Pinocchio- primal vision, Serials: !! New !! Kyoichi Tsuzuki -When Pig Design, Tadanori Yokoo -Source Vision of Design, Serial Bound-in Posters-Part 6: Shinro Ohtake and more.
29cm x 22.5cm
Used Condition
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