Disorder-Incubation-Isolation VHS

Raf Simons
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Rare VHS recording of Raf Simons's iconic Autumn/Winter 1999-2000 collection, titled Disorder Incubation Isolation, shown in a film studio in Paris, on Friday 29th January 1999.

The presentation of this collection opened with a group of boys carrying black flags with ‘DISORDER‘, ‘INCUBATION‘ and ‘ISOLATION‘ written on them, referring to songs by the British band Joy Division, as well as the title of the collection. The procession split to reveal models with black, sharply delineated hairdos, wearing black, three-quarter-lenght capes: assymetrical, in classic tailoring or circular patterns. This was followed by silhouettes inspired by ceremonial dress with, for example, detachable cuffs and collars. In the second part of the show, the silhouettes evolved from black to grey, in classic woolen fabrics and sober cuts, this time worn by models with blond hair.

Footage of the show has been archived online here.

VHS was bought in working condition, but has not played or tested since. 
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