Home Stretch

Aqua Regia

The Home Stretch is a term that originates from horse racing, referring to the final straightaway length of the racecourse between the last turn and the winning post. Enter this Home Stretch: it’s a passage of fulfillment and reflection, running down familiar streets back home of personal landmarks and places from memory. Our Home Stretch doesn’t signal the end, but a transitory space to unbend.

Emma Caratozzolo, Nina Cheb Terrab, Eric Chen, Alexandre Ean, Alexa Fahlman, Paul Firmin, Greg Girard, Kim Hernández, Christopher Ha, Pernilla Jonsson, Lilyana Khoshaba, Jay Kim Valentine, Paula Lanzador, Justin Mariano, April Macleod, Rio Mujagic, Jack Pekarsky, Denisa Rahma, Amanda Silaen, Deion Squires, Melfinna Tjugito, Bronte Tolentino, Stew Zong

128 pages
27 x 20 cm
Printed in Canada
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